Data science & analytics

The problem isn't finding data, it's knowing what to do with it.

Data Science for Data Services

What we do best as a data science service provider, is assisting and guiding our clients through a variety of industry-specific data-related business solutions. Laconics offers tailored data services solutions, including exploratory data analysis, database management, building prediction models, and the creation of complete decision support systems and data-powered products for large and small private enterprises. With clients’ business needs at the core of our approach, we conduct comprehensive research and analysis to find the right technology to spur it all.

Our Process

We follow the following stages to ensure the most efficient approach to the development of sophisticated analytics solutions and data analytics application development.

Define the problem

Assess your business environment and performance to identify key goals and challenges

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Collect data

Gather data in different formats from multiple sources to address identified goals

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Prepare data

Evaluate data quality and remove inaccurate records to structure data for further analysis

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Analyze data

Develop analytical algorithms to discover useful insights for making business decisions

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Incorporate in business

Integrate analytical algorithms into your production environment to unlock new opportunities

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Validate the results

Continuously assess the performance of your algorithms and make adjustments if necessary

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